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witch of heart, mayor and small time poet.
My name is Anna. I'm 18, genderfluid(she/they), dfab, lesbian and from Colorado. dont be afraid to get to know me please.

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how do weeaboos end their prayers


just kidding they are godless heathens

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pubic hair lightener and dye exists

if you were wondering

I sure wasn’t.


So your pubes can be a main anime character too

now the carpet can match the drapes

Don’t be acting like you don’t want blue pubes

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It is ok to be different than the crowd, you don't have to put yourself in any of the box you know *hug*


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Why are you sad because of your sexuality?

parents were being kinda shitty..everythings fine now though. immediately, anyway. thanks for asking,anon :)

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follow for more straight erasure

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avi avidan is amazing and should be protected at all costs (x)

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feelin sad ab my sexuality so prepare for bubbline spam to hopefully cheer me up ;-;


skyrim doesnt belong to the nords

skyrim doesnt belong to the dunmer

skyrim doesnt belong to any race

skyrim belongs to me

i bought that game

its mine


New Post! Yellow Beauty on the Water!


"this boy is now a girl this girl is now a boy"


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Why is Homestuck missing?

Because, while Homestuck may be annoying to people not in the fandom, it talks about DIFFERENT THINGS. It updates frequently. All you ever hear about Doctor Who is him and Rose leaning against a wall. All you ever hear about Supernatural is that Dean and Cas are gay. All you ever hear about Sherlock is that he loved John so much he jumped off a building for him. And all you hear about Avengers is that Loki is precious.

Homestuck may be a lot of annoying things, but at least it is a LOT of annoying things instead of just the same one over and over.

god bless tumblr user orangelemonart